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Artist and Handmade Dolls

About Doll Pile
Hello! I'm Dave Stack, the creator of Doll Pile.

I hope you find Doll Pile to be a useful addition to the doll community and a great alternative to eBay!

How Did Doll Pile Come About?
Doll Pile was launched on October 20, 2008 and is based on another very similar web site I created in 2001 called Bear Pile.

After many years of requests from bear makers (who also make dolls) to create a similar web site for them to sell dolls, I finally gave in and built Doll Pile for them.

Where is Doll Pile Located?
Doll Pile, Bear Pile and my many other web businesses are ran out of my 1903 Victorian home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Want More Information?
To learn more about me and the other web sites I run, please visit

Dave Stack

Teddy Bears and Artist Bears


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