Artist Dolls and Handmade Dolls

Artist and Handmade Dolls

Canisteo N.Y., United States

Hand crafted OOAK Cloth Sculptures created from the imagination of an aging "faery trapped in a human body" as my daughter calls me. My sculptures are adorned with vintage and new materials..highly embellished..their faces hand painted and needle sculpted. I wired the bodies to allow them to pose and for added strength. The time consuming hand stitching of my sculptures allows me to sew areas a sewing machine couldn't reach and to be able to play with the wonderful materials also a luxury a sewing machine doesn't allow. I create all my sculptures using the same methods..yet they have their own personality and differ in their appearances....they choose what they want to be and not the other way around! I prefer using vintage lace and trims whenever gives character and life to a flat piece of cloth..transforming it from the ordinary to a fantasy being who becomes a dear friend.


Forlorn Woman
150.00 USD


Simple Pleasures
175.00 USD


175.00 USD


Chagall's Acrobat
175.00 USD


Goddess Brighid
300.00 USD


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