Artist Dolls and Handmade Dolls

Artist and Handmade Dolls

Irina Drozdenko
Saratov Saratovskaya area, Russian Federation

Hi! My name is Irina Drozdenko, I am from Russia. Please welcome to my dolls e-store! You've hit the right point, IN CASE YOU: - would like to enrich your collection with a one-of-a-kind designer doll - long for pleasing your beloved one and presenting him or her with a unique gift meant for them only All of my dolls are unique. Each of them finds a twin soul in their new owner – THAT VERY PERSON each doll has been waiting for. The next doll is quite likely to be meant for YOU! Don’t miss the long- awaited meeting happy moment!


127.00 USD


127.00 USD


140.00 USD


87.00 USD


237.00 USD


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