Artist Dolls and Handmade Dolls

Artist and Handmade Dolls

The Bears' Friends
Southampton Hampshire, United Kingdom

Every doll and every bear needs a friend. So when you're not around to love them and tell them about your day, The Bears' Friends rag dolls will keep everyone company. When you are around and need some company yourself, they are the best listeners and secret keepers. The Bears' Friends rag dolls are made from recycled, upcycled, reclaimed and reloved fabrics. They are soft and friendly to hug, and come from a non-smoking home in the UK. They each have hand embroidered faces and come to you with their own personal story on a printed card.

Lucy Primrose Woodruff
45.00 GBP


Blonde Bonnie
20.00 GBP


Popsy Postlethwaite
45.00 GBP


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