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OOAK art doll "Lu"
Natasha Rezvova

Lu is an OOAK art doll, approximately 13 cm or 5,1 inch. tall when sitting. And 25cm. or 9,9 inch. standing. ( She doesn't stand on her own). Lu is sculpted of paperclay over an armature wire. She is colored with acrylic paints and coated with UV resistant matte varnish. She has glass eyes. Lu has legs and arms that can move, you can put her in different positions, she can sit but can not stand on here own, she needs a doll stand. Please note that doll stand is not included. Her hair is made of wite wool. I made here a dress , from a fabric that was previosly staind. Dress is not removable. This doll is 100% OOAK and handmade. I didn’t use any molds creating her. I used my own designs and drawings creating this doll. She is the product of my imagination and you won’t be able to find the same one anywhere else, she is a truly unique item.

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