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Billie Lee Martin

Needle felted doll Clive has a date...... with his wife. For their 25th wedding anniversary Clive took his wife to Hawaii. They bought each other silly shirts for a laugh. Now every year on their anniversary Clive wears his shirt. Married 40 years and he still buys her flowers. Clive is a needle felted sculpture. Apart from his clothing he is made completely from wool. He stands 13 inches or 33cm tall. His shoes are needle felted on to the figure. Pants are wool felt and felted to the body at the waist. His shirt is hand made with small wooden bead buttons. The flowers are silk with faux pearl beads, green wool locks represent foliage, and wrapped in green cellophane. Clive is a standing figure, although his limbs can be bent at the elbow, wrist and knee. I have made only a few humanoid figures, faces are so unique, older faces are superb. The character lines, the life of an individual is in their face. All the joy, sorrow, hardship and love. Their humor, wisdom, compassion and fear. All my people will be OOAK for this very reason.

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