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Glyn Goldenrod
Billie Lee Martin

Needle felted, mixed media art doll. Glyn Goldenrod. Needle felted head and hands. Cloth body and limbs. Somewhere in the forests and wild places of the world, live a race of folk rarely seen. They care for the natural world and everything in it. Some have wings, some have weapons. Tellers of tales, lovers of plants, collectors of knowledge. Proud, secretive and gentle. Some call them fairy, some faun, some never see them at all. I have had this face in my mind for such a long time, I just couldn't it get to come through the wool before now. Glyn is part of a collection I am working on. Each character will be unique and OOAK. Part Faun, part fairy, a touch of sprite and a lot of whimsy. She encompasses my love of felting and doll making. Glyn is 16 1/2 inches or 42 cm tall, from foot to head. Constructed of heavy weight cotton fabric, with golden rose motif. Limbs are attached with a fresh water pearl . Beautiful sequinned ribbon adorn her front and back. Her skirt is green mesh, matching the ribbon. Thin gold ribbon and metallic gold trim are used on the skirt, ankles, wrists and neck. Her head and hands are needle felted from pure wool, her hair are pure wool locks in white. Her horns are needle felted over wire and hardened.

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AUS$210.00 AUD (approx. $164.20 USD)

Australia $15.00 USA $25.00 Europe $25.00

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