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Billie Lee Martin

Needle felted Pegasus. Needle felted over wire armature. Wings, head, neck and legs can be repositioned. 12" or 30.5 cm tall from head to hoof and 11" or 28 cm long from nose to tail. Lovingly constructed from a corridale blend, in creamy white, with just a hint of grey on the muzzle and hooves. The mane and tail are a long fibre that gives them a realistic look, though it is not as course as horse hair. Each feather on the wing is individually made from wool felt, which is then needle felted with the body colour a quill is attached, sewn on and then needle felted securely. Angelina fibre adds an ethereal quality (and it really sparkles in the sunlight). All my creations are made with care and attention to detail. They are not children's toys. A metal tag of authenticity will be attached.

Adoption Fee:
AUS$270.00 AUD (approx. $211.20 USD)

Australia $15.00 USA $25.00 Europe $ 25.00

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NSW (Australia)

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