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Billie Lee Martin

Needle felted Orang-utan Needle felted Mother and baby. When I first started needle felting I wanted to make primates, the great apes. I have finally started. Of the great apes Orang-utan are my favourites. They have such recognisable humanoid qualities, you can see the laugher in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the love of their children. That is why this is a bust of a mother and baby, I tried to capture that tenderness, love and protection every mother feels for her child. 10 and a half inches or 26.5 cm tall with a 6 inch or 15.5 cm base. Base is Australian Oak. sanded and lightly varnished. Sculpture is needle felted and made completely of wool. A core roving is over laid with top coats in realistic colours. Hair is a blend of three colours to give natural highlights and tone. This is a solid sculpture. All of my creations are made to be as realistic as possible and have a metal tag of authenticity attached.

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AUS$260.00 AUD (approx. $200.00 USD)

Australia $15.00 USA $25.00 Europe $25.00

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