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Superb Wrens
Billie Lee Martin

Needle felted Fairy Wrens A pair of wrens, needle felted over wire armature, posing on a branch. Sculpture stands 9 1/2 inches or 24 cm tall. Base is wood covered with moss green wool felt. Branch was sealed, varnished and glued into the base. I love these little birds, they have quite a lot of character. Both male and female tend to.. shall we say, not put all their eggs in one basket! Extraordinarily beautiful birds. I have been waiting to make them for some time, I finally felt ready. The wrens are constructed of wire armature with core wool, vibrant blue shades of top coat for the male and subtle blends of brown, grey and cream for the female. They are secured to the branch so cannot be repositioned. A metal tag of authenticity, with my shop name will be attached to the sculpture.

Adoption Fee:
AUS$120.00 AUD (approx. $93.90 USD)

Australia $15.00 USA $25.00 Europe $25.00

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